How often will you come to my home?
We will visit your home and care for your pet as often as you want and depending on the number
and type of pets that you have.  Please contact us for a personal interview and we can discuss this

Who will come to my home?
Usually both Tom and Lollie will come to your home together.  We are the owners and personally
perform all duties ourselves.  You will meet both of us and we will be the only people caring for
your pet.

Will you walk my dog?
Of course.  We will walk your dog and play with your dog.  This is your pet’s vacation, too.  If
your dog has a favorite activity, we would like to know.

Will you give my cat “lap time”?
Absolutely.  If your cat wants lap time, we will happily provide it.  

My pet is on medication and/or has special needs.  Will you accommodate?
Certainly.  Just tell us what the needs are and provide us with the medication and instructions.

What happens if my pet gets sick or injured while I’m away?
As part of our introduction to your pet, we ask that you provide us with the name and phone
number of your pet’s veterinarian as well as authorization to treat.  We will transport your pet to
the vet and ensure that s/he gets the needed care.  We will also notify you should this happen.

My mom doesn’t have a pet but she does have houseplants.  Will you still
come over?
Sure, we would be happy to care for her houseplants.

What is your standard service?
Since all pets are different, we customize our services to you pet’s particular needs.  We will feed
and water your pet; walk and play with your pet; administer medications; provide “lap time”; and
generally make your pet feel comfortable and loved while in it’s own environment.  Above all we will
do what you want when you want it.  
Frequently Asked Questions
It's your pet's vacation, too.